There’s No Place Like Home: Nocatee Splash Park

Nocatee Splash Park, Ponte Vedra, FL *Our Home*

Psalm 133:1: How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

We decided not long ago to begin reviewing mini-treks: close-by, overnight vacations that would appeal to the budget-saavy mommas, close to our home in Ponte Vedra, Florida. When beginning to choose where to take our kids for a our first mini-trek, I began feeling a little underwhelmed and I wasn’t sure why.

Wanting my family’s input, I asked Landon, our now five-year old, what type of place he’d like to visit first. His response was, “I want to float around a lazy river, splash in the splash pad and go down water slides”.

And I then realized – we could achieve his dream vacation day…as residents of Nocatee!

Living in Nocatee, the 3rd Best Selling Master Planned Community in the USA, has its definite perks. We have wonderful St. Johns county schools, some of which are walking distance from our homes. Nocatee is now adding reputable restaurants and businesses where fellow shopping patrons are familiar faces. If you like to be outdoors, the opportunities of biking and walking pristine trails are right at your fingertips.

But for us the best perk of a Nocatee lifestyle is access to the Nocatee Splash Park, our community resort-style collection of pools.

And so, here is our mini-trek (in our own backyard!) review of the Splash Park:


There are so many wonderful aspects of the Splash Park so it is truly hard to pick where to begin. One of the very best parts of the Nocatee Splash park is the dual water slides at the park’s center.  It is literally like having a water park in your own neighborhood! After having a fear of the water for the first four-and-a-half years of his life, we were so excited to watch our oldest son, Landon, go down these slides this year! {Achieving the goal of 42″ in height is like gold around this area!}


Photo credit: Luis Marquez Realtor and Real Estate Photography

On extra lazy days, Rocky’s Pizza, a delicious pizzeria smack in the middle of the community pool, provides delicious pizza pies and frozen treats for the kids so we don’t have to leave our “home resort” for dinnertime. It’s so nice to have the kids run around and use the playground as you wait for your dinner to arrive!


Photo credit: Luis Marquez Realtor and Real Estate Photography

My personal favorite part of our Nocatee Splash Park is the lazy river. On moms’ day out, you can find my friends and I winding {lazily as stated} around this body of water as happy as clams. Although the kids like to take the lazy river for a whirl, too, it is definitely most enjoyable with just adults!


Photo credit: Luis Marquez Realtor and Real Estate Photography

One huge perk of the Splash Park is that the planners certainly had families with young children in mind when creating it. Several of their pools have a shallow entry area where babies and young children can splash and play with their water toys without being fully submerged in water. For the older siblings, moms can still watch their teens while they climb on the obstacle course or their toddlers who are splashing in the Splash Pad next door.


Photo credit: Luis Marquez Realtor and Real Estate Photography


Photo credit: Maris Kirs Photography (& Maris’s son Raheem)

It is truly hard to put into words how much joy our neighborhood pool {it just seems so inadequate to call it that!} brings to our family. It serves as a tropical destination for our out-of-town family without disappointment. It also gives us the opportunity to talk to our boys about the blessings that God has given us and how we should not take them for granted.

I know for a fact that countless other Nocatee families cherish the memories that they have created at the Nocatee Splash Park. This park is where birthday parties, gatherings with friends, Friday Night Trivia Nights or milestones in our child’s lives have occurred. Our entire community of moms love having the Splash Park as an option for our families to enjoy spending precious, quality time together. These are just a few of the millions of memories that are created there by residents every summer:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So for my fellow Nocatee Splash Park lovin’ moms, remember that you don’t have to trek all around Florida to find a dream resort to visit because there is one in your very own backyard! We are so blessed! We are living in a tropical paradise surrounded by sweet families and countless opportunities.

If you are a resident of Nocatee, keep golf carting around this community with #ItsaHardNocLife pride! And if you haven’t checked out Nocatee as a community to call home, we would suggest that you get your golf cart wheels spinnin’ on that! {shout out to realtor, Josh Rogers}. Nocatee does sell annual passes that give families the same rights that a Nocatee family has for usage of the Splash Park amenities for one year. Contact Nocatee for more information on how you can join the fun at our beloved Splash Park!

IMG_4600 (1) (2).jpg

Trek Difficulty Level: (0): Cheating on this one, but we couldn’t proceed with mini-trek reviews in our area until we reviewed our very own Nocatee Splash Park

Trek Budget: $0; while the Nocatee Splash Park access is certainly not free {it is included in our annual CDD fee as residents}, it is a perk that we budget for annually for our family.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Ride the zipline! Once you are 42″ you can set sail through the air of the Splash Park on a zipline soaring over the park.
  • Get a babysitter and head to the Splash Park sans kids. While I know our kids love it to pieces, you’ll thank me after grabbing a drink from the bar and floating around the lazy river whilst not ensuring children are alive.
  • Grab a slice of veggie pizza from Rocky’s! You will not be disappointed.

Landon’s Trek Tip: Don’t forget your goggles!

XO, The James Family


  1. James hancock says:

    Love it! My wife and I have been to the splash park many times. She loves the lazy river, so does my grands, all five.


  2. Nexcy says:

    You covered it all. I love to travel and it most definitely feels like I’m on vacation when we go to Splash.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julie Fila says:

    Love it! We love bringing family and friends when they visit! Outside fun for days!


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