How to Become a Ninja for the Day

LEGO® NINJAGO® Days, LEGOLAND® FL (2018) ((Sponsored by LEGOLAND®))

Jeremiah 20:11: But God, a most fierce warrior is at my side.

We were thrilled to cover LEGOLAND®‘s NINJAGO® Days event at our favorite theme park, LEGOLAND®, this past weekend. I guess you could say our boys are NINJAGO® lovers, and they (literally) lost sleep in anticipation of the weekend.

In fact, we live with two boys who are pretty sure that they literally are Sensei Wu and Lloyd, so they were excited to put their ninja skills to the test this weekend!

LEGOLAND® NINJAGO® Days, a special event featuring  NINJAGO®-themed characters, shows, the premier of the new 4D film experience and so many other ninja touches, were held for three weekends in January/February 2018. While we always like to visit LEGOLAND®, this special event weekend was something that our boys lost sleep over due to excitement!


In our opinion, visiting LEGOLAND® Florida is always a good idea, but here are some of the {many} special events that occur at LEGOLAND® for LEGO® NINJAGO® Days (only):

download.jpg – The Live Shows:

We couldn’t get enough of the live shows of martial arts! It was so exciting to see NINJAGO® World come alive right in front of our eyes. These martial arts warriors put on a really entertaining show! Hi-ya!


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download.jpg– Ninja Training School

This special event, offered in the LEGOLAND® Hotel, was adorable! Little ninjas had the ability to learn special martial arts move, sharpening their ninja skills forever. Be sure to sign up for this [free] training school at the hotel upon check-in, as spots fill up quickly!


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download.jpg– Find the Wu

A typical visit to LEGOLAND® always includes a tour around Miniland, but for this special event, spot Master Wu around Miniland to be entered to win a special prize pack! Upon entrance to the park, you will the sign up for Find the Wu and how to enter to win.

(We did play but the boys end up just wanting to push every button around the park!)

DSC_0092 (3).jpg

download.jpg– Meet your Favorite NINJAGO® Characters

A definite crowd favorite! LEGOLAND® only offers the chance to meet these special characters during LEGO® NINJAGO® Days, so if your child is a fan, be sure to visit during this special event.


download.jpg– Ninja Eye Attire Encouraged

You don’t really need a reason to dress up like a ninja, but at LEGO® NINJAGO® Days, it’s more than just encouraged. Every park visitor receives a ninja mask to sport while at the park – parents, too!


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download.jpg– Premiere of the New 4D Master of the 4th Dimension

Griffin was busting down the door to see the new 4D NINJAGO® experience. It was wonderful and a must-see at the park; (I’ll leave the show for you to discover on your own!)

DSC_0066 (2).jpg

Trek Difficulty Level: (1): LEGOLAND® Florida Hotel hosts NINJAGO® Days for only three weekends per year, so be sure to be aware of the annual special dates!

Trek Budget: $400; this premier event offers bundle package deals, so be sure to check out this link to learn the best ways to save

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Don’t forget to experience the NINJAGO® Ride! This virtual reality ride is one not to miss whenever you visit LEGOLAND®.
  • Join the LEGOLAND® Florida Hotel for a special NINJAGO® Build contest in the evening.
  • Pack your ninja costumes! So many children enjoyed being dressed in character around the park for this special event, so come prepared with your ninja gear.

The Kids’ Trek Tip: “Move your arms really fast to win at the NINJAGO® ride” – Landon, (5); “Ride the coaster” – Griffin, (3)

Trek Sponsor: 

Thank you, LEGOLAND® Florida, for media access to this wonderful event! We also appreciate the discounted hotel stay.

Bye-ya! xo, The James Family

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