Charleston Food + Wine Festival: A Tour with our Siblings

Charleston Food + Wine; (2011) & (2013)

Psalm 107:9: For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

In what feels like a land long ago, Logan and I snuck away not once (but twice!) to one of our very favorite cities and events: The Charleston Food + Wine Festival. We discovered this event, which happens annually typically into the first weekend in March, when researching the best time of year to visit Charleston.

The one thing that the city of Charleston does not lack is charm, but for now, lets just review the types of events that occur at this wonderful Food + Wine Festival!

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Our Attendance in 2011:

The first year that we attended this festival, Logan and I snuck away for our first visit to our (now) favorite city. And we brought another companion, our English Springer Spaniel, Jersey! Charleston is a super dog-friendly city, so we were excited to explore this city with her.

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In between exploring, we left Jersey behind in the dog-friendly hotel and hit up our first event…Wine Tasting at the Culinary Institute of Charleston.

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We enjoyed each other’s company and learning more about how to select wines when we shop for them back home.

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After our wine tasting, we attended a wonderful Kona Brewing Co. dinner + beer pairing event. We learned about the history of the Hawaiian brewery and celebrated with some leis as in a traditional Hawaiian dinner.

We had such a wonderful few days around Charleston, including the two events that we attended with the Charleston Food + Wine Festival, that we vowed to return again!

Our Attendance in 2013:

We decided to head back to the festival again, and this time we brought our siblings for a big family get together. We were newly parents, leaving our seven-month old firstborn at home with his grandparents. I still remember the pic that Logan’s mom sent to us during our first getaway – my heart just burst to get back to him!


My siblings live in New Jersey so it is always so wonderful to get together with them! We started off this year’s Food + Wine Festival with a Charleston Brewery Hop tour.

We hopped on the bus and spent the day touring local breweries like Palmetto BreweryWestbrook Brewery and Holy City Brewing.

We so enjoyed learning more about the brewing process and tasting all different types of beer that was brewed locally.

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It was super to spend time with our family, catching up and making new memories.

And remember, this momma was away from her baby for the first time, so a little silliness had to transpire!

DSC00325 (1).JPG

The next morning, the girls snuck away for a similar Wine Tasting Experience that Logan and I had attended two years prior. Again, it was such a fun way to learn more about wine and to spend time together!

One of the other super fun experiences we had the Food + Wine Festival was entry into the Grand Tasting Event. We had access to tons of samples of deliciousness!

The Food + Wine Festival is a wonderful {do not miss!} weekend of food, drink and family fun!

Trek Difficulty Level: (1): Charleston is super easy to access from us, about four hours away. Gaining tickets to the Food + Wine events are easy to get if you are a planner (events sell out fast!)

Trek Budget: $600; for access to two events and an overnight in the Charleston area, I’d bet you could manage to spend around $600.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Snag some memorabilia! We bought some beer drinking glasses at the Westbrook Brewery and we still to this day love using them!
  • Take pictures of your favorite wine/beer. I will always remember that Hirsch Vineyards had my favorite bottle of wine the first year of attendance, and it’s fun to search for that wine when selecting drinks for our home.
  • Pick what works for you! There are options for everyone – whether you are a foodie, into beer, into bourbon, etc. Don’t try to do it all! Pick two events and enjoy every second of them.

The Kids’ Trek Tip: n/a


xo, Logan & Meg


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    Good memories, right?



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