My Guide to Faith-Based Books (2018)

Howdy, friends! As many of you know, God placed it on my heart right after Guatemala in 2018 that while traveling to extravagant locations and writing about them is wonderful, this forum could also be used to share more about our faith.

And so, on our Facebook page you will at least once per day see scripture from my bible readings, quotes from one of the many books I am reading or other inspirational God-first content.

While there are so many amazing God-first books on the market, these are the books that I am focusing on (and sharing from) in 2018:

The Bible:

For me, I can read books all day long but if I don’t get my twenty minutes of quiet time alone in the morning reading the Bible, I’m grumpy as all get out!

Beautiful Word Bible, NIV, is a great woman’s Bible that has vibrant, stand-out passages on each page. It does not have a study guide nor the ability to journal/color. It works for me and I enjoy its simplicity. To take notes, I use these adorable Mary Square journals with encouraging scripture on the front of each journal.

Logan and I read the same chapter in the mornings and then talk about it on his way into work. Reading the Bible will look different to everyone, but this works well for me.

Mom Set Free:

Currently a large group of women and I are reading this amazing book, Mom Set Free. The main point of the book is to not let every day pressures to match what other moms are doing get you down. We are learning from reading this gem that no one is perfect, not us or our kids, besides Jesus. We have freedom from trying to be perfect! This is a great read for moms who feel overwhelmed (so basically, all moms!)


Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus:

I think this one may be my favorite (besides the Bible!) The super simple, small sections of devotionals are easy to read, easy to relate to and just make so much sense! Pressing Pause is a great read for those who don’t have too much time to spend sitting down reading a book, but instead are perfect even if you only have a few moments here or there. This is great for all types of moms, period!


Radical Together:

When Logan and I returned from our mission trip to Guatemala, we were willing to do something bold and make changes quickly for a more God-first lifestyle. Jason, the owner of Trinity Fitness, a faith-based gym that is a big part of our family’s life, encouraged us to read Radical Together, you guessed it, together.

We have just started reading this together but this book is requiring us to ask ourselves questions on where we are currently at, where we’re willing to go and how we can help best disciple others for Jesus. This is a great book for someone contemplating the mission field.


Experiencing God:

This book is a must-read for someone who is newly seeking God. Last year, two of my girlfriends and I, Denea and Maggie, got together weekly to read this book. It was amazing in how short of a time my faith grew while learning more about the starting point of having a love relationship with God.

If you’re choosing just one book to read this year, I would hands-down select Experiencing God.


A Weekly Prayer Journal:

I was gifted this adorable prayer journal by a good friend Mandy to help keep both of us accountable to pray for each other through 2018. Although we are currently in different life phases, it’s a great way to send an encouraging text to each other at the end of each week asking how we can pray for each other.

You can find similar prayer journal such as this on Etsy.


What are some of your favorite faith-based books?

xo, Meg



  1. Leigh says:

    I just finished reading #Struggles by Craig Groeschel. He has some great books. I also really love Kyle Idleman’s book Grace is Greater!


  2. Tiffany Turner says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I was looking for a good womans bible.


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