Family Backpacks: A New Way to Play at Cummer Museum

Cummer Museum & Cummer Café (2018), Sponsored by Summer Museum & Café

Ephesians 2:10: For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

It was a beautiful day to create! And that’s just what we did. The boys and I headed to Cummer Museum to let our creativity shine through via play. We have visited this wonderful art museum (with an awesome kids section!) before, but today we did something a little extra special: Family Backpacks.


We started off the morning the typical way that we play at Cummer Museum – exploring! The boys rotated between making abstract art with pool noodles to dancing to retro music to make art on the big screen. It was a sweet morning full of lots of arts & crafts.

Something that made this visit a little extra sweet for us was watching our youngest, Griffin, age three, actually make art himself. He has visited this wonderful kids room at Cummer before, but he was in the stroller or being carried around by me. Today I watched his little mind be creative as he dreamed up his very own art. So special!


It was also awesome to see our oldest son, Landon, age five, explore the museum on his own and ask questions about the art pieces. He asked such intelligent questions, and I didn’t know many of the answers!


Upon checking in, the Front Desk attendant let us know that there was a special new program for kids called Family Backpack. Essentially, a child could rent a backpack full of themed items (such as animals) and it would come with a guide on how to relate these items to art through the museum.


What a wonderful addition to open play! This gave me a guide as a parent on how to look for certain pieces of art with the boys while explaining it to them on their level.

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I wasn’t sure how Griffin would do with the concept of sitting down and listening to me read books and do magnetic puzzle work (while the museum is buzzing with noise!), but he actually received the idea really well! I think this concept is great for all kids, aged 3+, to really learn more about art through shapes, feels and textures.

Landon was thrilled to show the pull dog in the backpack named Art around the museum. Both kids loved checking to-dos off the list and moving down to the next action that was needed from them. It felt almost like a scavenger hunt!

The boys played really well together through Family Backpack and I highly recommend this new [free] activity as a great way to get involved at Cummer Museum with your kids.


All of that searching for animals in art made us hungry, so how fortunate we were to have the Cummer Cafe just a few feet away!

We had a delicious lunch with daddy, who works close by downtown, and broke bread over sharing about our wonderful day at Cummer Museum.

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Trek Difficulty Level: (0): It is so easy to access Cummer Museum from Nocatee as it is right off 95-N. It is a win-win for us to visit downtown so we can also sneak in a visit with daddy.

Trek Budget: $10 – Children five and under access the museum for…free! Yahoo! Adults are $10 upon entry; there also tons of ways to save if you become a member.  $30 – If you are coming for lunch, you can expect to spend about $30 for two kids and an adult at the Cafe.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Get the Family Backpack and revisit to try them all! They have over 4 types of backpacks for all interest levels.
  • Visit the Scissor & Glue station – if you parent like me, I’m not super fond of a mess. The kids will cut and glue their hearts out at this adorable crafting station.
  • Get the new Caprese Salad at the Cafe – it is beyond wonderful with lots and lots of fresh mozzarella cheese.

The Kids’ Trek Tip: “Be sure to see your daddy” – Griffin, 3

Trek Sponsor:

Thank you to our wonderful trek sponsors, Cummer Museum and Cummer Cafe, who welcomed us into the museum with entry today and a wonderful, yummy lunch. We will return!

xo, The James Family

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    This is adorable!



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