Crayola Experience Orlando

Crayola Experience Orlando, Orlando, FL (2018), Sponsored by Crayola Experience Orlando

Psalm 19:1: The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

Spring break had sprung and we had the pleasure of visiting Crayola Experience in Orlando, FL, about two hours south of where we live. Good friends of ours moved back onto our street (yippee!) so we celebrated by taking a road trip together to the colorful world of Crayola.


Anna, Landon, Griffin & Maddie

Upon walking into the Experience, we had the pleasure of seeing Bluetiful200px-RegisteredTM.svg.png , the world’s largest crayon. This crayon is 1,352 lbs and 15.6 ft long! All four of our kids laid down under it to see how they compared in size, and the crayon won!


In order of our kids’ favorite places to play here, follow along as we paint the picture of our trip to Crayola Experience Orlando!

Color Playground

Our kids absolutely loved burning energy on the Color Playground, a huge indoor playground for kids and a separate spot for toddlers. Our kids spent close to an hour running through this cool indoor gym.

Wrap it Up

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This crew loved every second of making our very own crayon. Each child received two tokens with their admission ticket and Landon chose to design two crayons. He named a blue crayon JJ and an orange crayon Landon. It was fun to choose a name and wrap the crayon wrapper ourselves.

Spin Art and Make & Mold

We also loved the Spin Art and Make & Mold stations! At Spin Art, each child chose two crayons and got to operate a machine that spun their artistic creation for them. At Make & Mold, everyone had the choice of four shapes that they could watch a crayon be molded as … and it was a blast watching the crayons melt!

Crayon Factory

The kids also really enjoyed the live show in a theatre run by a crayonoligist, teaching everyone how crayons are made. It was so fascinating seeing that billions of crayons are made each year.

Many Other Colorful Ways to Play

There were many other stations where kids can create, burn energy and design so here are pics of some of the other colorful ways that we played at the Crayola Experience:

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Trek Difficulty Level: (1): From Nocatee, FL, we were able to do this experience in a day trip. It was almost exactly two hours each way.

Trek Budget: $60; for a family of three/four (depending on ages of children) , I would plan on spending about $60 for the visit. General entry tickets are sold for $23.99/pp at the venue or $20.99/pp online. Children under three are free. There are also many other ways that you could save on entry prices by checking out this link.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Grab a bite to eat there; the food at Crayola Cafe was actually pretty healthy compared to other amusement-type places we’ve visited. I recommend the chicken salad and Landon/Griffin loved the apple sauce & pizza. They also offer lots of snacks if you plan to eat a meal elsewhere but need a quick bite to eat.crayola_0061.jpg
  • Definitely take advantage of the clear bag that they give you when you check-in to the Experience. We used this bag the entire time to collect all artwork that our kids created.
  • You absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to make and wrap your own crayon!

Landon’s Trek Tip: “Play the screen game when you enter the building”, (5)

Griffin’s Trek Tip: “Play on the crayon playground”, (3)

Meg’s Trek Tip: “While we enjoyed the experience a ton, I’d suggest adding Crayola Experience to your Orlando visit vs. visiting it on its own. There are lots of great things for kids to do but it would be a good supplement to a trip to Orlando for sure”.

Trek Sponsor: Thank you Crayola Experience Orlando for the entry tickets!

XO, The Color Crewcrayola_0046.jpg

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