Beat the Heat: LEGOLAND® Florida’s Beach Retreat

LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat, Winter Haven, FL

Psalm 113:3: From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the LORD is to be praised.

We absolutely love LEGOLAND®, you know, you know. But what you may not know is that our favorite place to beat the summer heat is at LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat! Having opened recently in 2017, the Beach Retreat is the perfect combination of soaking up the sun, relaxing with family, LEGO® play and access to LEGOLAND® Florida.

Theme parks in Florida in the summer get…hot. Fast. We have visited LEGOLAND® Florida in the sweltering heat and vowed to come up with a better mini-trek plan moving forward in which we would not melt.

The creation of and our visit to LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat is the perfect choice! From a wonderful pool full of LEGO® blocks to a playground and the motif screaming “beach!”, LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat provides a wonderful way to cool off after visiting LEGOLAND® Florida’s theme park for the morning.

IMG_4476 (2).jpg

Every year when we visit LEGOLAND® Florida we take this picture at the front entrance. It’s so cool to see how our kiddos have grown over the years! But at the park, we get really overheated in the summer and by the afternoon, our kids are ready to cool off.

Here are some of the reasons why we think Everything is Awesome at the Beach Retreat (and why we choose it over the LEGOLAND® Florida Resort in the summers):

Pool Perks

The main hotel at LEGOLAND® Florida does have a pool, but we prefer the pool at Beach Retreat.

IMG_4447 (1).jpg

Our kids love to play with the waterproof LEGO® blocks in the pool. From stacking them to throwing them and playing catch, they are a favorite pool toy for our boys for sure.

IMG_4451 (1).jpg

What we prefer the most about the pool at LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat is that the environment screams “beach!” The easy access to go from the pool to their “beach setup” and sand play is our kiddos’ favorite way to play after a visit to LEGOLAND® Florida’s theme park.


This sand play set-up is only available at Beach Retreat. It is hands-down the best part of Beach Retreat!

Adorable Beach Huts

I just love the adorable beach huts available at Beach Retreat! Our boys also loved the surfer-theme in the rooms and playing with the bright-colored LEGO® blocks while we waited for some rain clouds to pass in the afternoon.

DSC_0024 (8).jpg

Rain or shine, these “bros” always have fun together!

Sandy’s Castle Restaurant

We have eaten at almost every LEGOLAND® Florida restaurant, both in the park and at the main hotel, and hands-down our favorite restaurant is Sandy’s Castle Restaurant.  First off, how cute is this dining atmosphere!DSC_0050 (3).jpg

Our kiddos loved having us grab a table while they played with LEGO® blocks until their hearts were content. Landon would yell, “Mom, I made a surfer boy!” It’s such a cool environment for kids.

The food there is also wonderful. We highly recommend their Tropical Fruit Salad and also grabbing a tropical cocktail while swimming in the pool. And don’t forget that their full breakfast buffet is free with an overnight stay!

The kids were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after an overnight at Beach Retreat and were ready for some breakfast at Sandy’s Castle.

DSC_0052 (5).jpg

If heading to LEGOLAND® Florida during a summer month, we highly recommend choosing Beach Retreat over a stay at the main hotel at LEGOLAND® Florida. And another *hot* perk?! Rates are always less expensive at Beach Retreat. Now that’s sizzlin’!

Trek Difficulty Level: (1): LEGOLAND® Florida is about a three-hour drive from Nocatee, FL; the drive is a bit long, but it is worth it! Beach Retreat is located just right across the highway and a shuttle bus runs multiple times per day from the theme park back to the Beach Retreat.

Trek Budget: $600; you could likely get away with spending about $600 for a family of four for an overnight in the summer; summer prices are higher than winter season prices due to demand. This price would include an overnight at the Beach Retreat (around $238+/night + taxes) and this includes the buffet breakfast. Factoring in theme park ticket prices and other meals, I’d guess that you would spend around $600. You can find the best deals by buying combo deals (tickets + hotel) on their website or booking the hotel separately and purchasing park tickets at Costco.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Skip the theme park food! Over to Sandy’s Castle Restaurant for all of your meals and just purchase some snacks at the park.
  • Save time for playground time. There are wonderful playgrounds located in the middle of each cluster of retreats so be sure to explore them!
  • Spell out your names or the year in LEGO® blocks – it’s a great way to remember the special occasion for years to come!

Landon’s Trek Tip: “Bring your goggles to go underwater!” – Landon, 5.5

xo, The Beach Retreaters: The Jameses

We hope you have a great “knight” at LEGOLAND® Florida’s Beach Retreat!

DSC_0040 (2).jpg


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