A Smart Way to Play in Orlando: Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL (2018), Sponsored by Orlando Science Center

Colossians 3:2: Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.

When you think of Orlando and playing, you typically think of a visit to Disney World, right? We discovered an even smarter way to play in Orlando at the Orlando Science Center!

Recommended by a friend, we decided to try out something different on a recent visit to Orlando. And we are so glad that we did! Orlando Science Center, OSC, provided multiple hours of endless, educational entertainment to our kiddos…and us!


With Daddy heading to Orlando for an overnight work trip, we decided to join and have some fun ourselves. And so, we set out for a day full of family fun at OSC.

First stop, KidsTown! The new and improved KidsTown has been designed specifically for kids seven and under and kept our boys smitten. We all loved the OrangeGrove, an interactive factory and farmers market environment simulating adult tasks like grocery shopping and doing laundry. Hoping we can keep the momentum going at home!

Another favorite area of KidsTown was Drip Drop Splash, a water table atmosphere on steroids. Smocks are provided for those kids whose goal is to get a little less wet, but smocks were not on the agenda for our two. So much fun! One of my favorite features here was for babies: the seats for water play. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages seemed to absolutely love this attraction!

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Our kids are in for any type of indoor playground setup, but they absolutely loved Isaacs Family Climb Time, an indoor space providing endless ways to play and explore!

Another super cool aspect of KidsTown (yes, all of this is still in KidsTown on one floor!) is Explore It, a hands-on, creative play center focusing more on utilizing the brain than active play. Our kids loved exploring the concept of suction, watching their scarves and balls propelled through the air.

While there are even more ways to explore KidsTown (including an area dedicated to young toddlers), one final area that our kids especially loved was Harriett’s KidsTown Theater. What kid doesn’t want to dress-up and put on a live show for their parents?

Second stop, a live show! The kids were so excited to experience Animal Inspired, a live show about what products have been developed off of inspiration from animals in the wild. Such a fascinating experience to be that close to some really cool animals and to experience the excitement in our children’s eyes.

As if we hadn’t experienced enough fun already, our third stop was for adults and kids: Mindbender Mansion Exhibit. If you are analytical by nature (my husband comes to mind!) , this exhibit is for you! This is a hub of family fun of all the problem-solving puzzles your brain can handle. [I had to force Logan to leave].

Next up, DinoDigs Exhibit, an impressive floor that transforms you into a full-time paleontologist. From a fossil dig to expansive fossil replicas of dinosaurs, we absolutely loved being transformed back to a time where it felt like dinosaur still really did exist.

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The final exhibit that we visited was NatureWorks, an exhibit full of live creepy crawlies as well as the ability to pet a baby alligator. This swamp environment felt like a small indoor zoo and the boys soaked up every second there.

The exhausting yet amazing and educational day was coming to an end and we were shocked how much we all absolutely loved Orlando Science Center. This museum offered hours of entertainment (and there were dozens of things we didn’t experience!)

Yes, Disney World is in Orlando. But so is the Orlando Science Center – and we couldn’t recommend choosing it more!

Trek Difficulty Level: (1): From Nocatee, FL, this center is about two hours away, located in downtown Orlando. This is about thirty minutes closer than the Disney Parks for reference.

Trek Budget: $75; a family of four would get entrance into OSC for about $75. There are no additional costs once inside the center, so you won’t be paying to see or experience anything additional. Parking is available for $5 nearby.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Avoid a Wednesday visit; OSC is closed for field trips on most Wednesdays, so it’s best to avoid Wednesday as the day for visiting OSC.
  • Stop and take a pic at the color show in KidsTown! Such a fun background for a photo op!ORL_0109 (1).jpg
  • While Subway is offered inside OSC, we highly recommend you stopping for lunch first at a local BBQ joint. Thanks to a friend, Kate, for recommending this gem, Pig Floyd’s!

Landon’s Trek Tip: “The kids center is really cool and the pedals make the balls fly. You should try it, too…” (5)

Griffin’s Trek Tip: “Jump in the water there” (3)

Trek Sponsor: A very special thank you to Orlando Science Center for access to your beautiful facility. We enjoyed our time here so much!

xo, A Wife and Two Boys Crashing Daddy’s Orlando Work TripUntitled.png


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  1. Looks like it was fun!


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