A Sweet Playdate: Lollipop Class at Sweet Pete’s Candy

Lollipop Class at Sweet Pete’s Candy, Jacksonville, FL (2018) , Sponsored by Sweet Pete’s Candy

Psalm 119:103: How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Summer days are sweet, hot, long and…long. We are heading into week two of summer in the James house, and so far I have noticed that the sweeter my attitude is towards my kids, the sweeter of a time we will all have together.

Still, having plans seems to make a huge difference for us, to keep us busy and to keep the kids from bickering. We had been to Sweet Pete’s Candy multiple times before and we always have the sweetest time, so we decided to try out their Hand-pulled Lollipop Class!

17pool-23249.jpg The Class

If you’re local to Jacksonville, FL, you know there is no place quite like Sweet Pete’s Candy. It’s a local gem and everything they do – tours, decor, parties and classes are spot on! We were so impressed by their Lollipop Class! What a perfect rainy day or “too hot and sticky” day activity this would be for all local kiddos.

DSC_0001 (7).jpg

The boys were immersed by our lollipop class teacher, learning all about the heating, cooling and stretching methods to making the perfect taffy. How sweet and patient our instructor was!

It was so fun to help vote for our lollipop flavor and color and watch how the taffy was made from a pile of sugar and syrup. There is no bad seat in the house to follow along as the taffy is made while all kiddos follow along on the big mirrored-table.

The taffy was plentiful once made and each child got the opportunity to make not one or two but close to ten lollipops to bring home! This class was such an economical way to store up on some delicious Sweet Pete’s Candy as the portions are extremely generous.

The kiddos loved shaping their lollipops, forming the letters “L” for Landon, “G” for Griffin and hearts, circles and squares.

The class is a sweet way to spend an hour together as a family and the memories will always stick to my heart.

DSC_0021 (8).jpg

17pool-23249.jpgThe Free Treat

One thing I did not realize signing up for the Lollipop Class is that all participants receive a free scoop of ice cream from Dessert Bartheir adorable ice cream parlor. So right after class, we headed right to the parlor and (indecisively) chose our sweet treat!

DSC_0023 (5).jpg

We had so much fun eating our frozen treat, playing board games and relaxing while waiting for daddy to join us for dinner. Seriously such a fun way to spend a few hours in downtown Jax!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

17pool-23249.jpgDinner at Candy Apple Cafe + Cocktails

Sweet Pete’s Candy is a thirty-minute drive from Nocatee so we tend to camp out and eat dinner at the onsite restaurant, Candy Apple Cafe + Cocktails, when there. We love their yummy menu, eclectic atmosphere and kid-friendly options. DSC_0036 (5).jpg

We just love having this local gem near where daddy works so we can surprise him with an after work trip to Sweet Pete’s Candy! And the special occasion? It was an extra sweet day as Logan and I celebrated nine years of marriage.

Trek Difficulty Level: (1): From Nocatee, FL, Sweet Pete’s Candy is a thirty-minute drive (or sometimes less) and worth every second of the drive.

Trek Budget: $45 (for three); for $15/participant, each child and adult receive full access to the Lollipop Class as well as a plentiful supply of hand-rolled taffies to bring home. Dinner prices at Candy Apple Cafe + Cocktails are moderate.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Choose the watermelon lollipop flavor! The instructor will give you several choices, but I can’t imagine any flavor being more yummy (as I steal Landon’s while he sleeps!)
  • Check the schedule: from gummy bears to soda pop, Sweet Pete’s Candy offers ton of reasonably-priced classes this summer. Sign up online for your favorite!
  • Order candy online! If you aren’t local to Jacksonville, FL and have a sweet tooth, do yourself a favor and order some of these sweet treats online.

Landon’s Trek Tip: “Try to make a unicorn-shaped lollipop” (5.5)

Griffin’s Trek Tip: “Watch the mirror” (3); also, the website encourages that children aged 4+ participate, but Griffin at age 3 was able to enjoy it!

Trek Sponsor: Thank you to Sweet Pete’s Candy for having us in class!

xo, Cavity-stricken Clan

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