Camping at Camp Chowenwaw Park

Camp Chowenwaw Park, Clay County, Green Cove Springs, FL (2018), Sponsored by: Clay County Board of Tourism

Genesis 1:12: The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good.

I’m not much of a camper, I wouldn’t say. But when the opportunity presented itself to disconnect and spend some time outside with my men, I couldn’t refuse. We had a sweet time putting aside our to-do lists, work and other obligations and said, “yes!” to Camp Chowenwaw Park, located only thirty-five minutes away from our home.

Where we Stayed There download.png

There are so many ways to camp at Camp Chowenwaw Park, a 150-acre site with sprawling trees and streams, but we chose the Ahwenassa cabin. This cabin has air-conditioning (can I get an Amen?!”), is centrally located to the bathhouses, a main dining hall and came equipped with beds.

CAMP_0039 (1).jpg

The cabins weren’t anything fancy, but we weren’t going for fancy! What we loved about Ahwenassa is that clusters of them were together around a big campsite, providing the opportunity to get to know our neighbors over nighttime s’mores. You can choose when visiting which of these cabins would work best for your family!

What we Saw There download.png

We had such a fun time exploring the beautiful grounds of Camp Chowenwaw! Upon check-in to Camp Chow, you immediately feel disconnected from your busy schedule as you approach this adorable main lodge.


We also loved checking out the Big Cabin which is ideal for meetings, special events or weddings. Such beautiful scenery there!

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Also, take a break from exploring with some downtime on the playground or enjoying the beautiful views from the local creek.

What we Did There download.png

We loved trekking through the woods, following the trail path indicators back to our cabin. Sprawling trees, beautiful insects and soil for digging brought the boys endless joy!

We loved fishing in the beautiful creek. We didn’t catch anything but a nice view.


The boys loved cooling off in the campsite’s swimming pool – perfect for a summer day of camping.

What we Ate There download.png

When camping you have to eat like the campers do, so we enjoyed bringing supplies to grill hotdogs and hamburgers on the community grill. CAMP_0097.jpg

One of the very best things to do at Camp Chowenwaw is to sit outside in the evenings and get to know your cabin neighbors. We enjoyed making s’mores with our neighbors, sitting around the campfire chatting and when it grew dark, playing with flashlights and looking for sticks. This campsite would also be a great place to bring groups of friends to join you around the fire!

And as a super sweet treat in the morning, hop in your car and surprise your cabin mates with some breakfast donuts and smoothies from The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe, located in Orange Park, FL.


Trek Difficulty Level: (1): From Nocatee, FL, Camp Chow is a very short thirty-five minute drive and easy to access. This is very easy to do for a simple overnight in nature!

Trek Budget: $75 for a family of four; for $50+ tax, families of four can easily fit in one Ahwenassa cabin. We also picked up some simple camping supplies like our food and charcoal, but this is a very low budget family fun night!

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Pack your scooters or bikes! Landon and Griffin loved riding their scooters around the campsite and it made for an easier way for them to explore.CAMP_0048.jpg
  • Make sure to utilize the cart for bringing your items to your campsite; this cart helped us easily check-in and check-out of Camp Chow.
  • Consider the treehouses! If you’re wanting a unique camping experience, consider Treehouse Point for your stay.

Landon’s Trek Tip: “Make sure to make s’mores” – age 5.5

Griffin’s Trek Tip: “Go camping” – age 3

Parent’s Trek Tip: “While it ended up being ok, Griffin was a little young for camping (at age three). Landon (age five) did great! We’d recommend waiting until your kids were closer to five for an ideal camping overnight.”

xo, The Campers – The James Fam

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