A Day of Rest: The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club (2018), Sponsored by The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

Psalm 127:2:  In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.

Everyone needs rest, right? We so enjoyed Eliza staying with us through The Greatest Exchange, but we were on the go – a lot. For Eliza’s last weekend with us before she moved on to her second host family’s home, I decided that we needed to do just that: rest. And so, join us as another host mom with The Greatest Exchange and I surprised the girls with a day of relaxation at The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club.

The Southeast region’s largest spa, the Spa at Inn and Club, is an impressive location locally for a girls’ day out. We were immediately swooned by its Southern charm and impressive decor after just moments of  walking through the front doors.


What made this day extra special was the fact that these girls from Kazakhstan had never been to a spa. We enjoyed lavender honey pedicures, a delicious meal and tons of laughs together on this day of pampering. Pictures are not allowed to be taken in the facility, so we received a blogger’s pass for the ability to take approved photos while maintaining other patrons’ privacy.

spa_0003 (1).jpg

The Buildings

Southern charm meets Mediterranean-flair with the building style at The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. The landscaping around the facility was beautifully maintained and the palm trees were swaying while we relaxed in The Spa’s pool.

The Pool

An impressive feature of The Spa’s pool is that it offers several different forms of hydrotherapy, such as the standing bubbler or the swimmers treadmill. And how cute is their pool shack that offers cocktails and treats? We literally were swooning over this adorable outdoor station where you can order food for dining poolside.

The Lunch

The in-house Spa Cafe offers delicious seafood, salads and flatbreads and the sweetest ambience for some down time as girlfriends.

From enjoying crabcakes to summer salads, we all throughly enjoyed our lunch at the Spa. And their in-house baked fresh rolls? Amazing! (and how cute is their butter!)

The Amenities

While there were many impressive amenities at The Spa, including a full-service area for showering and getting makeup-ready post-spa day, some of our favorite moments at The Spa were in their jacuzzi/steam room section.

Their jacuzzi offered background noise of a soothing waterfall and was the perfect place to unwind. The girls and I spent a long time talking in this beautiful amenity and felt whisked away to a different land!

spa_0011 (1).jpg

My personal favorite amenity was their eucalyptus steam room, located right next to a sauna that we also indulged in. The steam room emitted very hot temperatures but offered the perfect relaxing scent of eucalyptus being streamed through the air. It was dreamy! The sauna was also a wonderful experience but was hot, hot, hot (hence our silly pic below!)

After we indulged in these amenities, their strawberry cucumber water hit the spot!


The Memories

Such wonderful memories were made on this day of rest and pampering together at The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Jackie and I already miss our girls from The Greatest Exchange, but we are so thankful to have these pictures to reminisce about our spa day. If you’re looking for a special way to spend time with girlfriends locally, a day of rest at The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club is the best.

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Trek Difficulty Level: (1): From Nocatee, FL, The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club is less than thirty minutes away, an easy drive towards the beaches.

Trek Budget: $100; for $100/person, you can easily secure access to the facilities of The Spa and also enjoy lunch at their in-house Cafe. We opted for one of the less expensive services, $75/pedicures, in order to be able to use their facilities and amenities for the day.

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • If time allows, take the tour of the Inn & Club. The property is so beautiful!
  • If you’re looking for the perfect gift, The Spa Shop offers tons of aromatherapy and specialty beauty products that would make a wonderful gift for any girlfriend! You can also purchase a gift card for spa treatments for future teacher gifts or holiday presents.
  • Use the bathing suit dryer! Who wants to deal with a wet swimsuit after a day lounging by the pool? Throw your swimsuit into The Spa’s automatic swimsuit dryer to take some of the dampness out before your drive home (because apparently, you do at some point have to go to home).

Trek Sponsor: A special thank you to The Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club for a discount!

xo, Meg, Jackie, Eliza and Ako

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