A Baptism and a Rebaptism

Our Baptism in 2012 and our Rebaptism in 2018

2 Corinthians 5:17:  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

In September 2012, Logan and I stood before our family friend, Tom, a local pastor, and dedicated our lives to being good parents. We went through the motions of baptism  – but isn’t that what all good parents are supposed to do after the birth of a child?


And after we were baptized, we also had Landon dedicated to the church, because we again thought that following these processes were good parenting steps. We celebrated by throwing an expensive brunch, with a “Landon-themed” cocktail and felt like we were going down the perfect path.

Yet nothing changed in our hearts. We continued to put ourselves over each other. We didn’t read…or even own a Bible. We didn’t serve others or focus on living a Godly lifestyle yet we thought occasionally going to a church service would be enough to lead our child to God one day.

It wasn’t until Landon was two-and-a-half years old and I was expecting Griffin that we hit rock bottom.

After a situation that caused trouble in our marriage occurred with Logan spending too much time with an office female workout partner, I gave Logan an ultimatum to find a new workout routine. Their two-way friendship that didn’t include me turned too friendly and I had enough of what was becoming a strained marriage with Logan.

After pushing back for months, Logan finally agreed to switch gyms and end his friendship with this other woman. And the gym he discovered, Trinity Fitness, a Christ-centered gym minutes from our home, became the place that our souls needed most.

Logan made the switch from his corporate gym and expected to become more physically fit. He did get stronger but the spiritual change was even greater. Through this avenue we both accepted Jesus as our Savior and scored a slew of amazing, God-first family friends that continuously lift us up.

And in the past year as both of our faiths grew, Logan began to ask, “should we be rebaptized?”

We wanted an avenue to share with everyone that this round was different. We weren’t living for ourselves anymore, we were living to be disciple-makers. And we knew that the next step in this faith journey was to be baptized with the right intentions.

So today, September 2018, we stood in front of our Trinity Fitness family and were baptized alongside another couple and seven-year old son of dear family friends.


We didn’t check the box: we checked the Book. And we believe biblically being rebaptized was the perfect next step for our family to grow spiritually.

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If you were baptized as a child but your faith in Jesus has grown, we challenge you to consider being rebaptized, too.




  1. Jane Nyman says:

    Oh Meg, this is so beautiful. It’s hard to live on both sides of the fence and then God gets hold of us and we know then that this is where real happiness is — to belong to the Lord and obey His will for our lives. I am proud of both of you. God is so good. Thank you for sharing.


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