My Sister’s Battle with Breast Cancer: A Place of Peace

Braddock’s Tavern, Medford, NJ

Proverbs 31:25: She is clothed with dignity and strength, and she laughs without fear of the future.

When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, we both desperately needed a place to escape to with each other.

My sister needed a place where she could pretend like she didn’t have breast cancer and for just a few hours, feel like the same Kristin she did before cancer.

When I visited from FL to NJ for Thanksgiving week, I needed a place where I could help my sister escape from illness and everyday life. I desired an intimate setting where we could grab a martini together and forget everything happening outside of those walls.

And my sister and I found that comfort at Braddock’s Tavern.

Braddock’s Tavern, a casual gourmet dining restaurant located on Main St. in Medford, NJ drew us in with their historic building and amazing seasonal menu. Where I live in northern Florida has lots of chain restaurants, and we knew that we always wanted to spend special sister time at a unique restaurant that had a wonderful menu, amazing drinks and offered a cozy, quiet setting.

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In 2015, my sister was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma, all while she still led PTA and every other school-related program that my three nieces and nephews were involved in. Breast cancer was not a new term in our family, as my great aunts (and even an uncle), grandmothers and our own mother had battled breast cancer. But my sister suffered the longest and hardest journey with dozens of rounds of surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.

As her sister, I didn’t know how to comfort her, especially living afar…until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2015. I remembered how my mom loved Braddock’s with her girlfriends, and thought it may be the perfect fit for my sister and I for sisterly bonding.  And since then, the tradition stuck {and we always sit in the exact same seats!}

Ever since, my sister and I meet at Braddock’s every Wednesday before Thanksgiving (and sometimes during our spring trek there, too) to bond over their amazing brussel sprouts (obviously!), their delicious martinis and our love for one another. And this Thanksgiving season, we are cheers-ing to another year of her being cancer-free!

As an additional bonus besides good food and great company, we learned that Braddock’s is a partner with the Tyanna Barre O’Brien Breast Care Comfort Fund, Virtua Foundation which supports breast cancer patients in need!

I learned a lot about myself during my sister’s fight with breast cancer, but I mainly learned that I can’t do it all myself. I was so worried about how to best encourage my sister, lift her kids up, how to gift them from afar.

When all along, I could have done nothing more than pray for them, encourage them with God’s truths and pray for freedom of fear and anxiety for all of us. I pray that all of us can laugh without fear of the future.

What are you thankful for this fall? We are thankful for good health, our family getting to spend time together, and some sisterly bonding at none other than Braddock’s Tavern!

Trek Difficulty Level: (1); in the northeast, Braddock’s is located on Main St. in Medford, NJ; with my family now residing in Medford and Medford Lakes, Braddock’s is an easy stop on our twice per year visits!

Trek Budget: $60; Braddock’s food and drink are beyond fresh and delicious; for close to $60 you can receive drinks, appetizers and a main course lunch meal for two sisters

3 Trek Must-Dos: 

  • Take time to tour: Braddock’s have been providing food to local since 1824, so bring your camera and prepare for some beautiful, antique sights
  • Always say “yes” to their brussel sprouts!
  • Try their new Fall menu item: Steak Frites! My sister and I both had their steak frites at our latest pre-Thanksgiving meal together and we were so impressed!

Landon’s Trek Tip: n/a (Landon & Griff stayed with daddy)

Here’s to hoping that you found somewhere like Braddock’s to bond with your family.



xo Meg James & Kristin Hurley (sisters)

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