A Canine Conundrum: Traveling without Pets

Sponsored; Dog Days and Cat Naps Pet Sitting (2018)

When we first decided to take two big treks per year in 2017, we realized that this decision affected one family member the most: our dog, Jersey.

And Jersey, a loyally attached-at-the-hip type, would start panting and acting weird the second she saw our luggage being packed.

Family photos2016_printing only-7.jpg

We had various local dogsitters caring for her over the years and all of them were – fine. She was fed, she was happy but she was happy to see us return the most. We are thankful for those who helped us with Jersey James but we were jamesin’ to find the most trusted and reliable pet sitters around for our upcoming treks.

In the middle of all of this annual travel, Jersey was suddenly diagnosed with jaw cancer which ultimately led to us having to put her down just a few, short months later.

We were devastated, as she was our firstborn, the trusted companion who had been by our side before our kids were in the picture, but we knew the only way to mend our broken hearts: a Warrior.


Warrior was an abandoned street dog, having aged his first months wandering highways in Lake City, FL. He was discovered by a local humane society which was so impressed by his charming looks and his responsiveness to commands that they arranged for him to attend K9 for Warriors training in Ponte Vedra, FL.

In this training, canines are put through rigourous training to be matched with a wounded warrior who suffers from PTSD or a similar post-trauma physical or emotional condition who would benefit from having a canine companion.

Warrior tried his furry best, but ultimately he did not make the training cut. The loss was our gain, as Warrior became adoptable and we brought him home in the summer of 2018.


We were back in the market for a reliable petsitter and we discovered Dog Days and Cat Naps, operated by a wonderful family in our very own neighborhood.

Once I connected with JP, their owner, they immediately paired Warrior with Amanda, one of their reliable petsitters, scheduled a meet-and-greet with us and Amanda laid out the expectations of the overnights.

We headed off to our mini-trek to Lancaster, PA, the first trek out of town since Warrior joined our family, and we were beyond impressed with the communcation and service that Dog Days and Cat Naps provided.

My phone constantly pinged! with pictures and updates on Warrior and I could tell through the phone that Amanda was truly having the best time with him. She even worked on some basic command training, as well as chewing diversion and other tips to implement once we got settled back home.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Dog Days and Cat Naps, who just received a big, local accoloade as Bold City Best’s Pet Setting Service.


If you live in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast or West Palm Beach areas of Florida, we give Dog Days and Cat Naps two paws up!

Ruff! xo, Warrior

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You can find more information about Dog Days and Cat Naps on their social media pages:




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