Who Benefitted Most from our Switch to Worship Music Only

Trekking in Faith// Worship Music (2018)

Psalm 30:4: Sing praise to the LORD, you His godly ones, And give thanks to His holy name.

Music has always been a huge part of my husband, Logan’s life. He played cello and bass throughout his childhood and seldom are the quiet moments without music playing in our home and car throughout our marriage. Jack Johnson and other similar songwriters’ tunes used to fill our home during dinner parties and you would always associate our home with music.

I, for one, love silence. I think it’s a mom trait, as I love to be able to think, uninterruptedly, during the few and far between moments that I do have without kids.

About three years ago, when my husband and I committed and recommitted our lives to Christ, we made another drastic change in our lives: what we listened to on the radio and in our home.

We switched from what pop culture was listening to and began to only listen to what other believers were listening to: worship music.

IMG_1843 2

Hallelujah Here Below Fall Tour (2018) – Elevation Worship

At first, I thought I would dislike not knowing the latest and greatest pop song but we soon enough realized that four little ears were listening along to the worship music with us.

At the age of one, our youngest Griffin has been raising his arms and jamming to upbeat worship songs like Bulletproof by Citizen WayAnd our oldest Landon walks around screaming out things like “I’ve got Godfidence, so what the problem is?”, from Blake Whiteley’s Godfidence.

We now listen to worship music in our home daily and my former self who desired silence now desires fulfillment. My morning, my mood, my perspective changes when worship music begins to play.

We don’t miss anything about our old lifestyle, but we specifically do not miss listening to pop radio. It is so reassuring to know that not only are the songs that we are streaming safe for little ears, they are also a way to praise God off the lips of our little boys.

When we became Christ followers, a lot of things changed. Some of the friendships we had formed over the years changed. The amount of time and what we watched on TV changed (goodbye, The Bachelor!) But best of all, the music that we allowed into our life changed. For the better – forever!

Our kids benefit from our switch most of all.

“Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble”, Mosaic MSC, Tremble

Our challenge to you? Try out making the switch to worship music in your car or home for the day. We promise it will be music to your ears!

The Jammin’ Jameses




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