Blessings Through Blocks: A Christmas Campaign

Blessings Through Blocks

Matthew 2:10: When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.

Christmastime is a very favorite time of the year in the James house, filled with love, laughter, holiday traditions and way too many presents! Our boys start scouting out the Target holiday mailer right after Halloween and their eyes grow big (and greedily) regarding which (LEGO®) treasures they want for themselves.

While we love seeing our boys joyous on Christmas morning, opening goodies and presents they have been longing for, we decided after our first mission trek last year that the real joy during the holiday season was found in loving others deeply.

And so, we made it a James family goal to select a missionary partner every holiday season and to spend an uninterrupted week loving others around the world.


2017 Blessings Through Blocks, Buena Vista Sports Academy, Guatemala

Besides giving of our time, we wanted to bring a little token of God’s love (and therefore our love) to the kids that we met each year. Knowing how much our boys love LEGO®, we decided to name our initiative Blessings Through Blocks.

What is so lovely about LEGO® building is that it requires teamwork, transcends language barriers, builds trust and requires quality time and that’s exactly what we hope to offer to every child that we come in contact with through our Mission Treks.

As we head on our 2018 Mission Trek to Honduras, please consider donating funds towards Blessings Through Blocks and purchasing a LEGO® set for a child. Any extra funds collected will go directly towards this year’s mission partner, BVSA Honduras.

How special it will be to show God’s love to a child and seeing their face light up that this small gift!

Each LEGO® set purchased is around $15, so please consider a donation of $15/one set or $30/two sets. Thankful for friends with generous hearts!



Thanks for blessing others through blocks,

The Jameses



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