Memories Over Money: When We Started to Say Yes to Professional Pictures

Trekking in Faith (2018)

Ecclesiastes 5:10: Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.

For the years of 2008-2016, big life events occurred for us. We got engaged, we had two sons, we built a home and we got our very first pet. While I do have images to look back on and remember these special events, a lot of the images are blurry. Or they just include me, or just include my husband.


Our engagement, 2008, as blurry as can be!

When we had our sons, we asked family friends to snap pictures of us. We would attempt selfies in front of our newly-built home. And we never splurged for professional pictures for really only one reason: money.

Memories Over Money

In 2016, sadness seeped into our family as my 40 year-old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom, grandmoms and extended family had all experienced breast cancer, but this time it just felt differently.

It was a time of uncertainty for her and her family and sweet friends and neighbors in NJ came to her aide to provide prayers, support and love. Our FL friends and neighbors did the same for us as I recovered from a preventative double mastectomy in hopes of avoiding a breast cancer diagnosis.

Maris of Maris Kirs Photography sent me a Facebook message one day, “I know you’re recovering from a preventative double mastectomy. I’d love to offer you and your family a photoshoot to bring joy”. It was one of the most selfless gifts of love we received and we’ll be forever grateful.

This gift was something I decided right there and then that needed to be opened each year for my family and I: annual holiday pictures. Not considering the cost of the photo shoot, but instead focusing on the value it provided us.

In 2017, we had an outdoor shoot with a photography business formerly known as Little Tin Hen. And again, these pictures are not something that you can put a price tag on. These memories with all of us together are invaluable.

This year we captured something that we love to do most: trek around town! Peony & Poe captured our family’s love of the cobblestone streets of St. Augustine and doing one of our most favorite things: spending the weekend together. I am so glad that I chose to again focus on remembering our current moment and having images to remember our boys at this age by.

Getting professional pictures taken can be expensive. And choosing outfits, setting aside time, arranging logistics can feel like a chore.

But I promise you all that if you save money all year long for a once per year photo shoot, you will receive the images from your photographer and will know that you made the best decision.

Money is temporary. It comes and goes. But images like these, they last a lifetime and have no value.

Say cheese!, The Jameses

We know that cost of professional photography can sometimes be a real deterrent for people to proceed. Therefore…

We are thrilled to be partering with Peony & Poe Photography for a THANKFUL FOR YOU GIFTAWAY on November 11, 2018. One local to Ponte Vedra, FL family will be gifted a free holiday photo shoot. More details to follow!

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