A Monthly Subscription for Kids that Won’t Freeze the Bank Account

In Partnership with Polar Pen Pal (2019)

In my six-and-half years of being a mother, I have yet to find a monthly subscription box that I love.

I have tried baby-themed boxs, having toys that we didn’t need arrive to our sleeping three-month old’s door. I’ve also signed up for overly expensive craft boxes for my children to get super excited, engage with it and me recycle it all that very same night.

And when I discovered Polar Pen Pal on Instagram, a six-month postcard subscription sharing what real life in the Arctic is like, I quickly scrolled past it.

After reviewing their page and website a little more, I love the concept that kids didn’t have to receive a craft kit or a toy that they wouldn’t play with – it was all centered around education.

And so, we contacted Polar Pen Pal and just received their first of six postcards to try it out.


I have listed below the three main reasons that my six-year old (and yours would, too!), loved Polar Pen Pal:

1. It is worth $4/month to get this excited about mail: Our boys love checking the mail! Knowing that a postcard from the Arctic was coming was super exciting to them, and they asked about it frequently. For only $4/month for 6 months (so $24 for 6 months), you can bring a smile to your child’s face as they await their postcard. Each of the six months has a theme where Polar Pen Pal shares educational facts about Iqualit located in  Nunavut, Canada.

2. It is simple, educational fun: On the day that we received our first postcard, I found myself sucked in, too. We opened the postcard and the collectable sticker that Landon got to place on a snow globe and we wanted to learn more about Iqualit! We received a “boarding pass” to head to their online educational resources, offered with the deluxe subscription which is $6/month, and we learned that it was -34 degrees in Iqualit that day! We also learned that it is so cold there that water has to be delivered to homes and if they run out, they have to melt ice. These Floridians were hooked!

3. It’s a great way to promote written and communication skills: The creators of Polar Pen Pal don’t suggest having your child ask them questions about life in the Arctic, they highly encourage it! To utilize the pen pal experience on both ends, Polar Pen Pal encourages children (with parent’s help) to email or write them questions about their personal lives in the Arctic. They believe that this personal connection with what they are learning is the tip of the iceberg on this whole penpal experience.

While our almost four-year old was interested for a few minutes, I’d recommend this  penpal subscription for ages six and up. The content that we received from Polar Pen is simple: no elaborate crafts, no candies from a different nation and no toys. Yet we spent at least one hour watching online content about Iqualit and wondering what the next month’s theme would be.

Be sure to follow Polar Pen Pal on Instagram as they grow. If you decide to try a six month subscription (for only $24 which basically just pays postage!), be sure to mention @trekkingtwice as your referrer.

Goodbye from Florida,

The Jameses

I did not receive any compensation for my opinions. Thank you, Polar Pen Pal, for the free 6-month subscription.

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