Why We Trek…Twice.

One of the main questions that I receive about our new blog is, Why did you pick that name?!”

Traveling with kids was a concept that freaked us out from the years 2012-2017. In fact, we only took trips back home to visit family in NJ with the exception of touring Boston with Landon as an infant (post soon to come!). It was tough! You had to pack all of those items (and backups) and it almost just didn’t even seem worth it.

Once our youngest son, Griffin, turned 2 (January 2017), we began to experiment in our head with the concept of, yes, it may be time for us to try to travel again.

I began to research the best vacations for those traveling with young kids. Our family does not love to do cookie-cutter travel, meaning, we don’t want to just visit Disney World at the same time, in the same hotel every year.

No, God created this BEAUTIFUL world for us to explore! He created so many vibrant cultures for us to learn about.

When booking our vacations for 2017, our first official year of travel that we felt ready as parents, I realized that we could travel (trek) again but only twice. These were the reasons:

  • Vacation Allotment: Logan’s work did not allow time off for more than two big trips
  • Financial Boundaries: Traveling can be expensive so it was very comfortable for us to limit ourselves to two trips/yr
  • Home Body Tendencies: Y’all, I may be the biggest homebody that ever had a travel blog. We love the comforts of being home.

After our first Trek with Kids in 2017, (you can read about our selection here), we realized that Logan and I needed alone time to reconnect each year, without the kids, too. And hence was born the fourth reason that we would only take two per year:

  • Mommy/Daddy Time: We needed time, away from our kids, every year to focus on our marriage (you can read about our amazing Trek without Kids 2017 selection here).



In addition to these two Big Treks, you will find content on our blog site that includes Mission TreksMini-Treks (around the Southeast U.S.) and local tourism features while we  Trek Around Town.

Besides family travel, I love the name of our blog as it ties into our faith. In 2018, after a mission trek to Guatemala, God put it on our hearts to open up this blog to also talking about living a God-first lifestyle. And we’re so glad we did!

Although I was born into a God-first environment and had a [minor] relationship with Jesus, He gave me a second opportunity and now I am trekking with him (twice time around!)

Thank you for following us on our treks! It means the world.

xo, Meg